Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Starter Kit (Brain Octane Edition) Review

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Starter Kit (Brain Octane Edition) Review

Mornings are not complete without your newspaper in hand along with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Nothing compares to the pep that a cup of coffee brings. The smell and the taste of it are distinctive and delicious and for coffee lovers the world over, this is the perfect beverage that beats all.

If you want more out of your ordinary coffee beans, there are products that can help you burn fat, maybe a product like Bulletproof’s Upgraded Coffee Starter Kit. Here is a review of the product.


  • Comes as a bundle kit
  • Includes a bag of whole bean Upgraded Coffee
  • Includes a bottle of 16 fl. oz. Brain Octane oil
  • Provides energy and pep
  • Provides better concentration for users


Bulletproof Coffee is a black coffee product and in order to drink it, you have to mix it with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. It is made with beans that have low-toxin properties.

The product is made by improving all of the processes involved in the making of coffee; this means reducing the chances of inflammation-causing mold toxins that can rob people of their energy and pep in their daily routines.

The coffee beans are grown carefully in higher altitudes in separate locations in Guatemala. They are harvested by hand, processed meticulously, managed and roasted to uphold the best possible flavor and coffee integrity.

The last roasting procedure experiences requires laboratory tests to make sure that the coffee passes the standards of the Bulletproof criteria for purity and quality. It is prepared by mixing the Upgraded Coffee with the accompanying Bulletproof Brain Octane and unsalted, grass-fed butter for improved energy throughout the day.

The Brain Octane, meanwhile, is an MCT (medium chain triglyceride) that is composed of caprylic fatty acids acquired from palm kernel oil or coconut oil. The oil is quickly metabolized and turns into ketones, which offers a rapid resource of brain energy from fats compared to sugar, which can cause inflammation.

The addition of Brain Octane in an individual’s diet assists in the maintenance of optimal mental functioning, and it also sustains the functioning of the immune system and healthier, better digestion.

The oil is made and refined by means of a trademarked procedure through the use of heat, pressure, clay and water. The production of the oil does not require the use of harmful chemicals, which is another advantage of the product.

When it comes to the taste of coffee, it has a nice, strong taste. The extra pep and energy it claims to provide were felt throughout lunch and it will actually save you in buying coffee. For those who often feel the need to drink coffee before lunch, you may want to try this out.

The blending of a coffee product with oil and butter might induce a strange mouthfeel at first, but that is understandable. You will get used to it after a few cups in the following days.

The Brain Octane oil is required since it is a primary ingredient for the coffee kit. It claims to assist you in burning excess fat and it delivers required energy without crashing, unlike sugar.

It did deliver the energy and improved concentration you need for a good while. If you are after the pep that coffee brings, and you want more focus for your everyday routines, you have to check this out because it is like energy in a bottle.

While the taste is reminiscent of the usual black coffees available on the market, it differs due to the inclusion of grass-fed butter and MCT oil. The product’s strongest advantage is its ability to provide a good source of energy. You will never have that second or third cup of coffee if you drink this.


While the coffee was instrumental in bringing a nice flow of energy for daily routines, the supposed fat-burning effects are yet to be proven.


If energy and focus are your main concerns for a coffee drink, the Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Starter Kit (Brain Octane Edition) might be your product. It did provide a great burst of energy so that you will not need a second or even a third cup to last you through the day. A bit expensive, but a nice alternative to those sugary energy drinks.

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