Coffee Bean Types: Arabica and Robusta

Coffee Bean Types Arabica and Robusta

For most adults, coffee is the important drink to start the day. It gives that kind of energy and enthusiasm to start any activity and get us throughout the day.

Ever wondered what kind of coffee gives the most energy or the kind of coffee that tastes the best? Know about the coffee bean types and determine which is best suited for the kind of person you are.

There are dozens of different kinds of coffee beans, but the two main types are the coffee Robusta and coffee Arabica. Each type has different taste and aroma depending on their origin and the procedure on how they are grown and processed.

In this article, we will discuss the differences of coffee Robusta and coffee Arabica.

Coffee bean type: Robusta

Robusta is found mostly around the world but originates from the Eastern Hemisphere, specifically in Africa and Indonesia. It is mostly planted and cultivated in Asia. When it comes to taste, coffee Robusta is bitter, acidic, and rich in taste. It has higher caffeine content than the Arabica coffee. The best kinds of espressos are made from Robusta beans.

The places that supply the high quality kind of Robusta are Sumatra and Komodo. They are roasted into superb coffees such as Kona and Java which are expensive and excellently flavored.

Coffee bean type: Arabica

The other main type of coffee bean is the Arabica coffee. Over 70% of coffee beverages around the world are made of Arabica beans. It is very flavourful and contains less caffeine than the Robusta coffee bean.

The kind of soil, temperature, and weather can affect the flavor of the Arabica coffee beans. As such, the Arabica beans cultivated from Ethiopia are smooth and have easy flavor with a floral finish.

The Arabica beans from Kenya are bitterer than the other kinds of Arabica coffee beans. The ones from the Latin America are bitter too and have a nutty finish. The ones from Colombia are bold and have a dark texture and a walnut aftertaste.

Arabica coffee beans are cultivated in most part of the world but the best tasting ones are from Costa Rica. They are similar to the Arabica coffee beans grown in Brazil but with sharper and lighter taste.

Arabica coffee beans are more expensive than the Robusta coffee. The kind of coffee beans found in supermarket is Robusta and the instant and ground coffees are Robusta too. There are Arabica coffee beans in the supermarkets too, but they are not of high quality.

Which is better – Arabica coffee or Robusta coffee?

This question is ultimately of personal taste. Some blends of Arabica coffee are too high and floral for some people. The rich, dark harshness of Robusta coffee is ideal for some blends.

It also depends on the amount of caffeine you need. The Robusta coffee has more caffeine than Arabica. So if you want to skip most caffeine, opt for the Arabica coffee bean. There are also tips on choosing decaf coffee that you can refer to.

The roast level of coffee beans also affects the quality. Light roasted coffee beans have the closest real flavor, while the dark roasted beans have a smoky, charred flavor. The medium roast beans are sweeter since the sugar in it is caramelized.

Tips in Storing Coffee Beans

Whatever coffee bean types you use, it is important to put it in a proper container. Coffees can be easily affected by a strong smell, so avoid putting it near anything with strong odour such as soap. Keep the moisture away from it too and avoid putting it in strong sunlight and heat.

To maintain the freshness of any coffee bean type, place it in an air tight container. It can also be placed in a glass or non-reactive metal container. Keep the coffee from the oven or a heat source and avoid putting it inside a cabinet that gets a lot of sun during the day. Also, do not put the coffee inside the fridge because it might get moisture.

One important tip is to buy in smaller portions which can be consumed within one to two weeks. By doing so, you can enjoy fresh, more aromatic coffee beans straight from the store or location where it was cultivated.

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