Do Coffee Beans Go Bad – How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh?

Do Coffee Beans Go Bad – How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

Of course, you want to make your coffee last longer. Unfortunately, you can’t keep it longer than two weeks if you want to drink fresh coffee. Why do coffee beans go bad in that short period of time? What are the factors that contribute to the deterioration of coffee beans? How to keep them fresh?

In this article, we will discuss the contributing factors on why coffee beans deteriorate, how to enjoy fresh coffee beans, and how to keep coffee beans fresh for a longer period of time.

How do coffee beans go bad?

Actually, coffee does not necessarily go bad. But after few weeks, the taste starts to deteriorate. There are several factors that make coffee beans go bad. It includes the packaging, storage, and roast level.

However, it is still safe to drink old coffee. As long as it is stored properly and stored for years, it is still safe to consume. In fact, supermarket and coffee shops keep coffee beans on shelves for months.

Coffee beans have a shelf life that depends on different factors, such as the best before date, method of preparation, and how it was stored.

What is the shelf life of coffee beans?

If stored properly and kept away from moisture, direct sunlight, heat, and other factors that contribute to deterioration, coffee can meet its expiration date.

Ground coffee can last up to 3-5 months from the day it was opened. For coffee beans, the expiration is 6 months from the day the container was opened. The instant coffee can last up to 2 – 20 years when stored properly.

Examine old coffee beans

Although it is safe to consume old coffee beans, examine it first. There are several things that the coffee beans should meet:

  • Old coffee beans should be stored in a tightly sealed container
  • It should not have any visible mold or smell of mildew
  • It should be dry, and free from moisture

Generally, you use your judgment whether or not you brew the old coffee beans.

How to keep coffee beans fresh?

To enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and maximize the freshness, store it properly.  The coffee beans’ worst enemies are moisture, air, heat, and light. So, how to keep them away from these factors?

Here are some ways to keep coffee beans fresh and maximize their flavor:

  • Keep coffee beans in an airtight container

Use opaque, air tight container and store it at room temperature. While clear canisters make a beautiful display on countertops, never store your coffee beans in them to prevent sunlight.

Keep the container in dark, cool place. Do not put it inside the cabinet that is too warm or near the stove. The retail packaging of coffee is not intended for long-term storage. Therefore, transfer the coffee beans to opaque, airtight containers after you purchase them.

  • Purchase only the amount you need

Coffee beans will always be available in supermarkets and local stores. You do not have to buy large amounts because you will not run out of it. Also, buying in smaller amounts lets you enjoy fresher coffee beans. It should last up to 2 weeks. It will allow you to buy another smaller batch of freshly roasted coffee beans.

  • Freeze coffee beans

While putting the coffee beans inside the refrigerator is not recommended, you can put them inside the freezer. Just make sure that you store them in an airtight container. Avoid home storage containers that still let a small amount of oxygen to come in.

When you need to get a small amount of frozen coffee beans, do it as quick as you can for no more than one week at a time. Before any condensation happens, return it inside the freezer. Frozen coffee beans can be brewed just the same as the regular coffee beans.

Health benefits of coffee

Coffee has been the universal staple drink for most people. It supplied just the right amount of caffeine which prevents drowsiness and helps perform mental and physical tasks throughout the day.

Coffee also helps prevent certain diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and suicidal tendencies. It makes coffee drinkers happy and keeps brain and liver healthier.

These health benefits can be achieved when coffee is taken in moderation. Just like any other product or food, coffee should be taken in just enough amounts to prevent any side effects or overdose.

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