Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee Review

Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee Review

Consumers always have options when purchasing coffee beans. You can purchase the beans unroasted or completely roasted. The easiest way to make coffee a bit faster is to buy the roasted variety.

Roasting the beans might entail experimenting several times before you acquire the right method. Burning the beans the first time is normal for beginners, so you do not have to worry. In time you can breeze right through the process.

However, this is not to encourage you to buy roasted coffee beans. The roasted kind is still the quickest way to enjoy a genuine cup of joe, so buy only the best you can afford. Reviews are a good way to know whether a product is good or bad, so here is a review of Kicking Horse’s Kick Ass coffee.


  • Dark-roast type
  • Whole-bean variety
  • Made with high-quality Arabica beans
  • Beans sourced from Indonesia and South America
  • Has hints of sweet, smoky vanilla and dark chocolate flavors
  • Suggested for drip machine, French press and pour-over methods
  • Certified organic and fair-trade
  • Certified kosher


Roasting coffee is a procedure that transforms green coffee beans into the well-known, fragrant and brown beans with the use of heat. There are numerous chemical reactions that take place as the beans are led to higher temperatures, then cooled fast to end the roasting process.

Roasting is responsible for bringing out the flavor and aroma that is kept within the beans, flavors, and aromas that we enjoy to this day.

The perfect roasted coffee is a subjective experience, since it is based on every individual’s personal preferences. Light roasts are sharp and have a more acidic flavor compared to dark roasts. The dark kind has a fuller taste; however, it has less caffeine than light ones.

However, the roast does not ascertain the ensuing quality or taste of the coffee. The Kick Ass variety from Kicking Horse is a dark-roast blend. Dark-roast beans often have an oily, glossy surface and have a distinct bitterness to it. In general, the darker a roast, the less acidity it will contain.

Kicking Horse Coffee is a company from Canada which began as a home-based business in 1996. However it was only in 2003 when the company decided to only roast and retail 100 percent organic coffee beans, and by 2007, made all of their products fair trade.

Fair trade guarantees that the farmers from where they source the coffee from are paid well and capable of re-investing their revenue into the community. Kicking Horse also purchases certified organic beans that are inspected on a regular basis.

The company only roasts small quantities of carefully chosen beans and packs them on the same day to guarantee optimal freshness.

Freshness is a top priority for the brand, and this is one advantage of their products. The company stands out from other brands since their products are composed of organic beans. The brand also provides a range of flavor selections of whole coffee beans.

The coffee beans have a great, fresh smell to them which is indicative of its quality. When it comes to flavor, it lives up to expectations and it has the signature rich and strong taste that the company has provided with their beans. This delivers a punch but at the same time, it is smooth and even.

There are no hints of bitterness and acidity as well, which is a common issue with some dark-roast coffee brands. Coffee enthusiasts often espouse that coffee is all about the strength of its flavor, so for java lovers who are into the strong stuff, this one might be the coffee for you. It lives up to its variant name: Kick Ass.


As mentioned earlier, the perfect roasted coffee is subjective; taste, when it comes to coffee, is subjective and it will depend on the tastes of the person. The strength of the coffee is great, however for some, this might not be strong enough.


Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee is for the coffee enthusiast who wants a strong, potent cup of brew. If you like bold tastes, you should check this one out. This is an ethical product as well since the company practices the fair trade way, and they source their beans through organic means. A must for people who are into artisanal coffee.

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