Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans Review

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans Review

Roasted coffee beans come in a range of roasts. Often, the roasting period differs based on the level of roast required, the quantity of beans in the bunch and the assortment of the beans. There are coffees that are medium roasted while others come in dark and very dark roasted varieties.

Usually, the longer a roasting process takes, the darker and stronger the coffee. Dark roasts are roasted the longest and churn out a richer, darker blend of coffee that is best recommended to be enjoyed after meals. It is a base that is best for espresso.

For this review, we are going to take on Koffee Kult’s Dark Roast Coffee Beans. Learn more about the product by reading below.


  • Produces a nice coffee aroma
  • Coffee beans comes from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra
  • Fresh, artisanal coffee roasted to perfection
  • Provides a strong and smooth, whole bean coffee flavor
  • Easy, hassle-free orders


You know coffee is the most sought-after beverage in the world right now due to the massive number of coffee shops located around the world. Every day, new coffee shops are launched globally, and this is a testament to the love and appreciation of coffee lovers all over.

From casual drinkers to the most ardent enthusiast, they cannot breeze through a day without a steaming cup of joe. From big name, established companies to smaller coffee shops, each and every establishment is here to present coffee lovers their brand of the beverage.

It can be enjoyed in any form from instant to brewed. Coffee is even used as a flavoring not only in baked pastries but savory dishes as well.

Due to its immense popularity, there is an even higher demand for it. But these days, there is now a hankering for artisanal-grade coffee. Companies like Koffee Kult have heeded this demand and made their own dark roast coffee blends.

The brand’s dark-roast whole-bean blend includes all of the taste and aromas that discerning coffee drinkers want. The coffee beans that this company makes is sourced through organic means and are often fair trade products. It includes beans from countries that experts believe produce the best coffee.

The dark roast has a forthright but smooth flavor which will please all enthusiasts, plus it does not have a bitterness that can turn you off. The product has a low acidity as well, which makes it easy on the stomach.

This facilitates for a versatile coffee that can be taken during the morning rush, and after dinner for a relaxing cup. Its flavor and content bode well with dessert too, so you can enjoy your sweets without any unpleasant aftertaste.

Even though the beans come from a range of sources, they stay the way they are until they are delivered, then sorted by trained roasters in Florida, USA. The beans are then roasted in small batches, and quickly packaged to guarantee freshness.

The beans come in a resealable bag which means it can stay fresh from the brewing machine to your final cup. You will only grind the beans as you want them so you will be in for a good coffee moment.

Many have enjoyed the coffee and have praised its contents and rich flavor. Nothing can go wrong with the combination of beans coming from coffee-heavy countries like Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra.

It will provide you with a nice cup regardless of how you brew it, whether you use a drip coffee maker for it, an Aeropress, your trusty espresso maker or a French press.

The product has a strong flavor that is distinctive in specialty coffee beverages like macchiato and lattes, and it lets coffee lovers enjoy the product at home. It is also smooth enough to enjoy in all black forms.


The dark roast blend indeed has an underlying bitter taste that borders on the burnt, and subdues indications of additional flavors that want to come out.


If a rich and strong coffee is something that you are after, make it a point to check out the whole bean dark roast blend from Koffee Kult. They can be bought in 2 and 5 lb. bags. The product delivers freshness and flavor that will please both casual drinkers and ardent fans.

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