Lavazza Super Crema Espresso (Whole Bean) Review

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso (Whole Bean) Review

Espresso acts a base for a lot of coffee beverages and it is an intense coffee concoction that is made by pushing hot water through finely crushed dark roast coffee beans. Great cups of espresso produce a delicate layer of foam called the crema, which is usually on the top of the coffee.

If you are fond of espresso, you should know which coffee beans to purchase for a truly nice cup of the stuff. There are lots of roasted coffee beans available now for your choice from big-brand companies down to smaller, start-ups.

Due to the plethora of options available, you can read a review of products to make sure you are getting a good one for your money. Let us start with the whole-bean Lavazza Super Crema Espresso.


  • Great blend of Brazilian, Central American, and Indonesian coffee bean kinds
  • Has a long-lasting flavor and smooth, silky crema
  • Comes in a 2 lb. bag
  • Ideal for espresso and drip coffee


For those who love espresso, the search for consistent coffee beans that will produce a great cup is a priority. Espresso is not one of the fastest methods of making coffee; it requires utmost preparation so you have to guarantee that the coffee beans you buy are top notch.

Apart from that, the beans should be well roasted and significantly fresh. If most of the crucial aspects are not followed, that shot will be ruined.

There are lots of espresso blends available at this time, however, some products are not consistent. The taste and the body of the blend may be excellent in terms of quality, however, its crema may be little to nonexistent.

Now the crema might not be essential for some, but if you insist on espresso that gives good crema, you have to search for a product that will give you exactly that kind of quality.

For many coffee enthusiasts, espresso is more than appreciating its taste, body, and quality. It is also the crema and all items concerned; hence, espresso lovers who are into the whole bit are always on the search for coffee beans that will heighten every espresso experience.

Now if you are particularly concerned about the crema since you want to learn how to make crema art, maybe Lavazza’s Super Crema Espresso is the product for you.

The beans are exceptionally fresh and high in terms of quality. However, the freshness of the beans is something you should always check in case you are buying online. Make sure to purchase from legitimate sellers who will truthfully answer your inquiries regarding the freshness of the product.

See to it that the product’s manufacturing date is included in its description. There have been many complaints of stale coffee beans from dubious sellers and this dishonest tactic can hurt the brand or company, especially if they are making great products.

As mentioned earlier, espresso is a demanding procedure; hence, all inconsistencies of a coffee bean product will be noticeable. The Super Crema does not display any irregularity during the process. In terms of flavor, it provides a decent cup.

The caramel and chocolate notes are muted and it has an overall significantly earthy taste. It pairs well with flavorings like vanilla and cocoa. If you want to strengthen the chocolate flavor you can add cocoa to it. It can also stand on its own with heavy milk, and its taste gets better in cortado.

When it comes to the crema, the product does very well; it churns out lots of it in fact. Now you can practice your latte art with a cup full of the brew. The crema is rich, foamy, thick and velvety. Even though it provides good flavor, the crema is top notch.


The Super Crema did well in the crema department; however, it would have garnered more points if the taste was off the charts. If taste/flavor is a big deal for you, these might not be your beans.


The Super Crema Espresso by Lavazza did very well when it comes to providing a rich topping of crema; however, its flavor could be improved. If you want to hone your crema artistry skills, you should try this product.

Still a good buy though because it responds well to flavorings and other sorts of coffee concoctions. For its price, you get a lot of value for your money.

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