Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee Review

Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee Review

Begin your day with a cup of fresh, hot coffee. Not only that, start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee churned straight from roasted coffee beans. You will notice the difference between that cup of instant coffee and something from the best roasted coffee beans that your money can buy.

If you are really after the taste, you should try fresh roasted beans in case you haven’t done that yet. For more options, here is a review of the Starbucks French Roasted variety.


  • Dark-roast type coffee beans
  • Has X-Bold flavor intensity
  • Has intense smoky tasting notes
  • Has light body
  • Has low level of acidity


French roast is the procedure of roasting coffee beans and using them in other mediums like espresso or a variety of coffee beverages. The beans are roasted at a temperature of 188° to 282° Celsius for around 11-13 minutes.

The first crack or popping sound that the beans make while roasting is known as city roast, also known as cinnamon roast. The beans usually have a mild and light flavor. The second crack is called French roast.

The de-stoner process is a method in which the stones and other unnecessary items from the beans are eliminated. Following this step, the beans are then dried, stabilized, ground and then packed.

The Starbucks French Roast is one of the most popular retail coffee roasts available on the market right now and it has the attributes that makes a roasted coffee French, but twice better.

It has a full, smoky flavor, yet at the same time, has a light body. The coffee beans have a glossy, oily finish and it has the same amount of caffeine like other coffee roasts.

The French roast variety is the darkest selection in the range of Starbucks coffee products. It has a pronounced coffee aroma and just one whiff will entice coffee enthusiasts into having a cup of it right away. It has a lush, nearly chocolatey flavor that’s apt to pack your mouth with its intensity.

The taste also provides a hint of a sharp, but not unpleasant aftertaste and it has a velvety smooth glide that makes it one of the most sought-after Starbucks products today.

The company knows their coffee and a lot of their followers will agree; you cannot go wrong with a product from the company. They have years of experience and time to perfect their merchandise, and now the fruits of their labors are being enjoyed by myriads of coffee lovers all over the world.

Starbucks suggests that the beans be prepared with cold, strained water in a regular coffee pot. You have to add 2 tablespoons of coffee for each 6 fluid ounce of water. However, it does not really make a difference whether you use cold, lukewarm or hot water for it; the quality of the product shines through regardless of water temperature.

The bag of the coffee beans has a striking, appealing design as well. It is quite modern, bearing the company’s logo and a fleur de lis graphic atop a band of coffee brown and magenta colors.

If you are the kind of person who is into dark teas with loads of flavor, you will likely enjoy the taste of this product. One of its advantages is the lower acid content. The coffee worked beautifully with a French press, a Keurig cup, and the K-cup.

The K-cup is the more expensive option, but if you are always pressed for time, you can invest in this one since this is the quickest option to obtain your Starbucks French Roast coffee.

The company also focuses on the ethical production of their products, which is another reason why many people support the brand.

Fair trade products are beneficial to the farmers who plant and harvest the coffee beans, so buying a product from Starbucks also mean you are contributing to the benefits that the farmers of those coffee plantations deserve.

The whole bean French roast can be bought from the company’s website or any store that sells Starbucks products.


If you want something a bit lighter than this, you have to look elsewhere since this might not suit your preferences.


Starbucks’ French Roast Whole Bean Coffee is a highly recommended product if you are on the lookout for quality French roasts. If you are new to this roast variety, it’s great if you start with this one.

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