Start Your Day Right: Where to Get Good Coffee Beans

Start Your Day Right Where to Get Good Coffee Beans

Coffee has been an essential part of our lives. We need it to start our day and it keeps us going throughout the day. It supplies that kind of energy that we need and the kind of feeling that completes our day. Coffee is readily available around us, but do you know where to get good coffee beans?

There are dozens of different kinds of coffee beans. They vary from the place where they are grown and how they are processed.

The best tasting kind of coffees are fine black, but mediocre coffee can be improved with milk and sugar. The kind of coffee maker and the grinding process also help in the improvement of the quality of the coffee beans.

Where to get good coffee beans?

Just like wine, coffee beans come in different regions, continents, or countries. Some kinds of coffee even come from a particular mountain. The following regions produce unique kinds of coffee beans which more and more people are sampling from.


The coffee beans that originate from Kenya include fruity, earthy-based, and green/sharp notes. The beans have a little to moderate size which gives the fullness feeling inside the mouth. It may have a fairly high positive acidity, just enough not to produce an unbalanced flavor. The high quality Kenyan coffee beans have clear, distinct flavors.


The Colombian coffee beans have slight to moderate floral aroma. It has little to no fruity character and barely perceptible to slight moderate sharp notes and earthy base notes.


The coffee beans from Sumatra may possess fruity vegetable, green/sharp notes, and earthy-based notes. It may have a variety of characteristics too and may have aromatics associated with aromatic woods such as cedar or pine. The high quality kind of Sumatran coffee bean provides the feeling of fullness in the mouth and has a moderate to full body.


A high quality coffee bean that originates from Kona has a winey, spicy character that is unique from the varietal. Kona coffee beans have slight to medium floral aromatics and have barely to slight fruity character.

How to keep the coffee fresh and flavourful?

Wherever the coffee beans originate from, it needs proper storage to keep its aroma and freshness. Some people use decorative glass canisters that look nice on the countertop, but did you know that it is not the best storage?

Coffee can easily pick up strong odors from other foods that are stored near it. Therefore, coffee must be kept away from strong odors, heat, light, and moisture. Avoid putting it in the refrigerator because moisture in the fridge will quickly deteriorate the coffee’s quality.

  • Keep coffee in a dark, cool location, away from the oven. Do not put it inside the cabinet that gets a lot of sun during the day.
  • Keep coffee in an airtight ceramic, glass or non-reactive metal container. A large amount of coffee should be divided between two containers with the larger portion in an airtight container until it is needed.
  • Buy smaller quantities. Fresh roasted coffee beans should be bought in an amount that will last for one to two weeks to preserve its aroma, flavor, and freshness.

How to buy good coffee beans?

If you think that it does not matter if the coffee bean comes from Sumatra or Colombia, then you should know how to buy good coffee beans. Before picking up a bag of coffee beans, scan the package to check the clues for quality.

  • Bean type. The coffee Arabica provides stronger flavor and comes in different varieties such as Bourbon, Typica, and Blue Mountain. It is more expensive compared to coffee Robusta which is bitterer and has higher caffeine content.
  • Roast indicates how long the coffee beans are roasted. The light roasted coffee is closest to the real flavor of the coffee bean, while the dark roasted coffee provides a smoky, charred flavor. Medium roasted coffee bean is sweeter because the sugar is caramelized.

Sometimes, inferior or older coffee beans are dark roasted to disguise the flavor. Examples are the “French roast” and “Italian roast” coffee beans which are just pure marketing terms, but in fact they are dark roasted to hide the inferior quality.

Make your morning better by choosing high quality coffee beans.

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