Which is Best: Unroasted or Roasted Coffee Beans?

Which is Best Unroasted or Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee is a beverage that has a wide following across the world. There are lots of countries in which coffee is harvested and this contributes to a broader range of flavors.

The ways to roast coffee and make different beverages out of it are tall in number as well; hence, this makes the subject a very interesting one due to its scope. To further your coffee knowledge, we will discuss information on roasted vs. unroasted coffee beans.

To start, roasted coffee is treated coffee. This means that the coffee beans undergo a transformation which changes the physical and chemical attributes of the green or unroasted coffee into roasted ones.

The roasting procedure is what generates the familiar, signature flavor of the beverage by altering the flavor of green coffee beans. The chemical reactions that turn green coffee beans into roasted products are the Maillard and caramelization.

The Maillard is a browning type of chemical reaction, while caramelization is the breaking down of sugar molecules under intense heat. This process, in turn, leads to the surfacing of coffee’s recognizable bitter, sweet and flavors.

Unroasted beans, or green coffee beans, are the coffee berry seeds. To get the beans, the berry’s flesh is scooped out through a specific machine. However, this can only be done after the berries have been separated, depending on their color and level or ripeness. As soon as the flesh has been removed, only the beans will remain.

The beans then undergo a fermentation process so that the gluey, gelatinous coating of the beans is eliminated. Following the fermentation process, the beans are soaked and washed with care; this is to take away the entire residue that was left on the beans during fermentation. Eventually, the beans will be separated and then dried.

Brewed green coffee beans do not have a coffee aroma and have a very bitter taste, however, there has been evidence that taking green coffee beans in grounded form leads to significant weight loss over a short time period.

Green coffee beans also contain the same or higher levels of acids, caffeine, protein and sugars as roasted coffee beans; however, it does not have the taste of the latter due to the chemical reactions that take place when roasting.

To finish the roasted vs. unroasted coffee beans debate, many are more in favor of the former. For many coffee enthusiasts, roasting coffee leads to that distinguishable, delicious coffee taste and aroma we have come to appreciate and love.

When coffee beans are still green, it means they will not provide the taste you want. A good number of coffee enthusiasts often insist that a cup of brewed green coffee beans does not resemble genuine coffee due to its lack of aroma and fairly odd taste.

As explained above, roasted coffee beans get their taste and aroma from the chemical reactions that occur during the roasting process. The procedure facilitates the beans’ sugars to caramelize and provide flavor-giving amino acids. The roasting has a significant effect on the taste of the coffee, which is the reason why there are lots of roast selections that are being sold on the market.

Many roasters makes use of their own concoctions for roasting coffee beans too, which enables more distinctive flavors and attributes to every coffee product on the market. Roasting also allows the natural sweetness of the beans to come through, which is another plus of the process.

Roasters try to utilize their sense of smell and taste, plus the wonders of science and technology to find the best method to roast their beans. If you want a light and full coffee taste, then light roasts will suit your taste buds.

Beans that are roasted longer have less natural flavors since they adapt the smoky flavor of the roasting procedure. Many are more in favor of darker roasts; however, keep in mind that many commercial coffee manufacturers will make dark roasts to hide flavors with mediocre quality.

A number of coffee drinkers prefer light roasts, but this does not mean that all dark roasts have a poor quality taste.

So that ends the whole talk about roasted vs. unroasted coffee beans. There are available ways in which to roast your coffee beans at home. But if you are willing to invest in a coffee machine, you can do the whole process faster and easier.

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